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'The Candy Tree

Student: Somnath Pal
Guide: Prof. Silpa Ranade

‘The Candy Tree’ is the story of a little kid who invests all his efforts in a fruitless notion-planting a candy in his backyard and growing a tree out of it. The story is not only representative of his genuine belief in the notion; it also revels in his unbridled desperate pursuit. In addition, it embodies a certain disregard for the maturity of the adult thought process.
The pursuit in the film also supports the notion of ‘phal’ or fruit to one’s ‘Karma’ or duty as described in the Gita, essentially putting forward the idea of being committed to duty and not being driven by the fruit.
The end twist is homage to a child’s naivety; the child in the other world is representative of the inner happiness, while the adult represents discontent and dissatisfaction- one who is unable to realize the true fruit!

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