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Student: Ajaysingh Supahiya
Guide: Prof. Shilpa Ranade

My animation is based on the Indian Epic Mahabharata around 950 BC. The core story of the work is that of a dynastic struggle for the throne of Hastinapura, the kingdom ruled by the Kuru clan. The two collateral branches of the family that participate in the struggle are the Kaurava the elder branch of the family and the Pandava (Five brothers) the younger branch. The story is about the 14th day of Kurukshetra battle, when one of the pandavas ‘Arjun’ kills millions of people single handedly after the death of his son. I have shown flashback of his son Abhimanyu’s death who was killed on 13th day. Also I have used an avatar of Arjun ‘Jishnu’ which is written as an aggressive and unbeatable form, a kind of dark side of him

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