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Responsive Design Strategies
Guided By Prof. Girish Dalvi

The project main objective was to analyse and understand the Responsive design strategies in web design. This project focuses on the need for responsive web design of the websites for a wide variety of users according to the mobile device being used. With increasing trends in the use of smart phones and tablets of different screen size, it became difficult and complex to maintain the website that best fits the varying screen size. To address the issue of site management for different end users, Responsive Web Design (RWD) is found to be a more effective way of problem solving.

  Vishnupriya Kaulgud
Reshal Shah
Divya Bhardwaj
Chinmaye Bhave
Shweta Kamble
Sunny Kolekar
Ashok Chary
Tarun Kumar
Srinivas Godala
Kailash Gharat

Design and Degree Show 2014