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Shweta Kamble
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Intranet Portal Design for CMS UX Portfolio
Project was to create a digital identity for TCS’ Connected Marketing Solutions (CMS) group to showcase their portfolio. With this Intranet portal we tried to bridge the gap between customers and CMS group.

Requirement was to showcase their Portfolio in creative way, which will feature their strengths, capabilities, team and work. Our approach was to solve the problem through Interactive infographics. I created design, which had different layers of information, and each layer had multiple hierarchies.

Initial task was to create visuals on existing wire frames, provided by the client, that had a corporate look, second task was to create a completely new concept.

  Vishnupriya Kaulgud
Reshal Shah
Divya Bhardwaj
Chinmaye Bhave
Shweta Kamble
Sunny Kolekar
Ashok Chary
Tarun Kumar
Srinivas Godala
Kailash Gharat

Design and Degree Show 2014