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Ashok Chary
M.Des Visual Communication
MFA Applied Arts
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Nirmal Toys
Guided By Prof. Ravi Poovaiah

This project explores the ancient art of wooden toy making in Nirmal, Telangana. Nirmal is famous for wooden furniture, plaques, bangles, jewellery boxes and screens or miniature paintings. During this project I explored Nirmal and observed craftsman to understand the hardwork that goes into manufacturing these famous toys. I documented their toy–making methods and how their ancient practices to producing was adapted to make modern toys from wood.

My project was aimed at shedding light on how livelihood has suffered due to the influx of plastic toys and helping to preserve Nirmal craftsman practices through photo documentation.

  Vishnupriya Kaulgud
Reshal Shah
Divya Bhardwaj
Chinmaye Bhave
Shweta Kamble
Sunny Kolekar
Ashok Chary
Tarun Kumar
Srinivas Godala
Kailash Gharat

Design and Degree Show 2014