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DDS 2014 brings together renown design practitioners and thinkers at one platform to showcase socially responsible design and discuss the role of design and design innovation in society today.

The conferences are aimed at promoting design thinking to foster an understanding of good design and its relevance to society and industry today. It aims to bridge the divide between industry, academia and society by offering a platform for discussion, exchange of ideas and collaboration.

Day 1 of DDS is focused on Design Workshops conducted by Experts and Design Professionals.

Day 2 and Day 3 of DDS are Design Conference with Keynote Speakers, Design Case-studies from across the world and a panel discussion from eminent designers.


Prof. Uday Athavankar

Divya Dutta

Elizabeth Jacob Sandvik

Mahendra Patel

Meagan Carnahan


Prof Sudhakar Nadkarni

Sudhir Sharma

Amardeep Behl

Kirti Trivedi

MP Ranjan






Mike Knowles

Design and Degree Show 2014