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Guided By Prof. Phani Tetali

The project was done at NTU Singapore. It was a collaboration involving COSMIC and IDC IIT Bombay. Stories with life skill elements are introduced to children in an interactive environment. Here the child enacts a virtual Puppet in the story through real time hand puppetry.

The story is about Bunny who loves to play and hates to eat food. One day he gets irritated to see so many greens on his dinner plate and runs away from the food.

  Riddhi Ranade
Manisha Swarnkar
Amol Thakur
Tanushree Paul
Vaishnavi Bangar
Pratigya Beniwal
Abhishek Verma
Vinit Masram
Shyam Wanare
Ashwin Vasudevan
Vidushi Yadav
Govind Janardhanan
Snigdha Banerjee

He hides himself in a tent of his mom’s saree, far away from the food. While he begins hogging on a chips packet, he finds himself inside his own stomach, where he sees how greens are saving his tummy from evil carbohydrates and fats. Suddenly, he finds himself on a mission to help his tummy find as many greens as possible. After this adventurous dream, he begins to love greens.    
Design and Degree Show 2014