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Guided By Prof. Nina Sabnani

One of the biggest ordeals, which almost every women in our nation and the wider world deals with, is sexual harassment. I started following up on the crucial factors which people in general consider as root causes, Dress,being one of them. Indian women are kept constantly under surveillance by fundamentalists, and have to some extent, abide by the norms of the society,

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we have to constantly ask– Are we appropriately dressed? Are we dressing to ignite virile powers of men? Needless to say, women have been ancient culprits who dress inappropriately and invite trouble in the form of rape. I’ve witnessed live examples of the cause and effect, this very existence of hypocrisy made me choose ‘Libaas’ as a promising subject

Libaas is an Urdu word, it broadly means dress or attire. My intention is to question the entire purpose of clothes. Can only those, which have some kind of physical existence, occupying textures, colours, and threads be defined as dresses? Are we covered even after we are thoroughly dressed? The fundamentalists recriminate woman’s Libaas (not only her dress but her soul) under the guise of patriarchy.

Design and Degree Show 2014