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Saat Paak Mone Thak
Guided By Prof. Nina Sabnani

This aims at creating a serene narrative of a traditional Bengali wedding capturing the medieval culture of Bengal. It involves events that partially owe their novelty to the ritualistic nature of weddings and partially to the curiosity in exploring the notion of a Bengali nuptial knot.

  Riddhi Ranade
Manisha Swarnkar
Amol Thakur
Tanushree Paul
Vaishnavi Bangar
Pratigya Beniwal
Abhishek Verma
Vinit Masram
Shyam Wanare
Ashwin Vasudevan
Vidushi Yadav
Govind Janardhanan
Snigdha Banerjee

These rituals are unique to Bangla culture like the ululation by the women followed by blowing of conch, a noteworthy feature of Bengali weddings. Contemporary Indian weddings have seen a decline in following rituals like the Shehnai recital by live musicians – whose purpose was to draw attention towards the wedding. Others like the HoludKota are being revived – a ceremony where household turmeric is ground with mortar and pestle to from a paste used to anoint the bride I have tried to describe a Bangla wedding as an event which is an exhibition of various Bengali art forms.

Design and Degree Show 2014