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Companion – A Short Film based on Stray Dog Issue
Guided By Prof. Sumant Rao

The project deals with the disastrous life of stray dogs in India. These dogs are victims of animal cruelty. Overexposure to unhygienic food, garbage and water has led to various rampant and malicious diseases among these strays. By means of this project, concerns for these stray dogs were raised so that people are made aware of the concern.

  Riddhi Ranade
Manisha Swarnkar
Amol Thakur
Tanushree Paul
Vaishnavi Bangar
Pratigya Beniwal
Abhishek Verma
Vinit Masram
Shyam Wanare
Ashwin Vasudevan
Vidushi Yadav
Govind Janardhanan
Snigdha Banerjee

This film portrays the story of a small stray puppy which is initially victimized but is saved by an old man. Since the puppy has already experienced brutality, the old man intimidates it although he means no harm to it. Eventually, the puppy realizes the old man’s love for it and tries to comfort him.

Essentially it shows that these so called ‘beasts’ are much more humane than humans and capable of returning love and compassion.

Design and Degree Show 2014