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A Glimpse of Happiness...
Guided By Prof. Shilpa Ranade

There are various factors connected to old age which lead to loneliness, such as modernization in lifestyle, urbanization, nuclear family and inter personal issues within family etc. Often, senior citizens end up with a feeling of emotional insecurity. Most common problems causing loneliness are resultant of generation gap and change in lifestyle of society. It is evident that many years ago, senior citizens were given a respectful position in joint family and in society. Also in such families, elders were meant to guide younger generation. In my personal experience, interaction with old people has given me an opportunity to understand them better.

This story is based on old man, who stays alone in a portion of a penthouse and keeps waiting for someone to come visit him. For years, people stay for short durations in the other portion and leave, but the old man still continues to live alone, hoping that someone will come to see him. Once, a boy comes to stay in the neighbouring room. The boy is reluctant to talk and interact with the old man, but they get acquainted and grow fond of each other. Months pass and the day arrives for the boy to leave. The boy gives a memento to the old man, and the sad old man adds it to his collection of mementoes, given to him by previous tenants.

  Riddhi Ranade
Manisha Swarnkar
Amol Thakur
Tanushree Paul
Vaishnavi Bangar
Pratigya Beniwal
Abhishek Verma
Vinit Masram
Shyam Wanare
Ashwin Vasudevan
Vidushi Yadav
Govind Janardhanan
Snigdha Banerjee

Design and Degree Show 2014