Vivek Bhalekar

   B.E (Mechanical)
   Email: bhalekar.vivek[at]
          Animation       Interaction Design     Industrial Design      Visual Communication  
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  Accessory Design for Beginner Trekker

Guide: Prof. Purba Joshi

Exploring new product design possibilities by the study of a particular area, such as trekking, and its users and products, was a valuable learning experience. In this project a compact, multifunctional, easy to use trekking aid was designed for young trekkers, who trek purely for adventure and fun. Initially, different users, their lifestyle, and their trekking equipments were studied. Simultaneously, different products available in market for trekking purpose were keenly observed. The final product designed is a combination of rope, torch and basic survival kit, and can also be used in areas other than trekking. The product was designed to be young, sporty and rugged looking. Deciphering the data from user study and seeking design opportunities, designing joineries of the different parts of products keeping in mind manufacturing and usability were the major challenges I had to overcome.
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