Vineeta Rath

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  Contemporary Lifestyle Products in Bamboo with Tribal Cultural-Content

Guide: Prof. A. G. Rao

This project aims to develop a range of products with cultural-content that help reposition tribal craft from just being an artefact to ‘cultural-capital’. Orissa, with its rich and diverse tribal-cultural heritage formed the ideal setting for my study. The bamboo fish trap, which displays unique variations across the region, was the artefact of my exploration. Crafted and constantly evolving over generations of use within these tribes, the simplicity of construction lends a special appeal to their form. An analysis of the basic weaving techniques followed by extensive explorations using varied configurations derived from these forms helped to understand the material and the craft. Further, brainstorming and ideation based on current market trends and buyer aspirations indicated to the development of a range of contemporary lifestyle products. These products represent the heritage and aspirations of their tribal creator, whose craft is translated into modern symbols of tribal beauty.
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