Sandesh H.D

   B.E. (Mechanical)
   Email: sandeshdevraj[at]
          Animation       Interaction Design     Industrial Design      Visual Communication  
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  Design of a Hybrid Bicycle

Guide: Prof. V. P. Bapat

The Electric Assisted Bicycle (EAB) in India is still in its nascent phase. The conversion kit is directly fitted on an existing bicycle with no modification in the existing design. Electric assisted bicycles do not have an identity of their own. There is tremendous untapped potential for EAB in place of automobile trips to work, to public transit, for short errands or to recreational destinations. In addition to reducing automobile trips, bicycle use increases personal mobility, reduces traffic and parking congestion, decreases energy use, makes public transit more viable, and improves air quality and health. This project aims at defining a product category space for EABs, which currently exists as a modification on a traditional bicycle in India. The EAB is aimed specifically at a professional individual, with an expendable income and a passion for cycling, living an active lifestyle in an urban environment.
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