Nikhil Autade

   GDPD (Product Design)
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  Healthcare System in Developing Countries Vaccine Delivery System

Since the last two decades, medical health care policies and their implications have improved manifold in developing countries like India. In terms of growth opportunities a lot of private investment in medical, healthcare and insurance domains by many multinationals is observed. The Early Vaccination Program initiated by the central and state governments, which ensures a large number of children are medically covered against fatal diseases, is one such effort. However, issues such as care and safety of the fragile vaccination material while it is transported to remote parts of the country are critical to its success. The aim of my project was to understand this entire delivery mechanism of vaccines, starting from its manufacture to the point of use, detect loop holes such as unnecessary wastage, and suggest solutions that are holistic, and at a system level. Visits to Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs), a detailed study of the Cold chain system, and in-depth analysis helped me conceptualize the final Vaccine Delivery System proposed.
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