Devina Kothari

   B.Des (Interior Design)
   Email: devinakothari[at]
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  Design of an enucleation kit

Guide: Prof. G. G. Ray

Enucleation is the surgical removal of the eyeball from a deceased human. The cornea from these eyes is then transplanted into corneal blind patients, giving them vision. To do so an ophthalmic surgeon has to go to the patient’s residence, hospital or a mortuary to extract eyes. They need to carry a few instruments and disposables along with them to create a portable surgical environment. The design project addresses to the needs and the current problems faced by the doctor. The primary focus was to reduce the time taken during the surgery, by optimizing the efficiency of the kit. Other important features were: inclusion of a 100 lux light source, elevating the working plane, expandable instrument plane and easy to carry packaging.
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