Harikrishnan P.K

   B.Tech (Mechanical)
   Email: harikrishnan247[at]gmail.com
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          Animation       Interaction Design     Industrial Design      Visual Communication  
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  Concept vehicle for Dakar 2030

Guide: Prof. K. Ramachandran

This project started as a concept vehicle for the entertainment industry. The challenge was to create such vehicles which are believable yet futuristic, while being relevant to its world. Dakar rally is one of the most exotic and adventurous motor sport events in the world. The scenario, and the evolution of the vehicles used in the rally was analyzed and the character of the Dakar rally prototypes derived. Then the next-generation Dakar Rally car for the year 2030 was developed. Since Dakar rally is about endurance, the characters like endurance and strength are taken as the key features for the styling. Fantastic elements are kept, but based on logic, to make the concept more interesting.
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