Ashish Handa

   B.Tech (Mechanical)
   Email: ashish.handa86[at]
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  Design of 1 Ton Goods Carrier Vehicle of 1 ton load capacity for Indian city condition

Guide: Prof. Nishant Sharma

The global transportation giants are entering the Indian sub-continent to cater to an overwhelming demand for transportation solutions. I view an urge as well as an opportunity for the Indian Transport Industry to take a leap towards making a global statement of style and comfort. The fulfilment of this vision is possible with the amalgamation of the cultural and habitual needs of India and the expertise of a global leader in the commercial vehicle industry, Volvo Trucks. The project envisages a study of the needs and behaviour of the Indian drivers of small goods carrier units (1 ton capacity) and convert the design inferences into interesting features for the concept design of the new vehicle. The deliverables of this project include a scaled down model of the goods carrier unit along with simulations of operation in Indian city conditions.
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