Sudip Adhikary

   B.Tech (Information Technology)
   Email: sinkingindeepblue[at]
          Animation       Interaction Design     Industrial Design      Visual Communication  
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  Lighting for Entrance Lobby

Guide: Prof. K. Munshi

The project is based on the understanding of light and the effect of colours on human psychology. This understanding is used to design ambient lighting for spaces such as entrance lobbies. I studied the major role of colour on human moods and psychology. Extensive research was carried out on different kinds of lighting ambience for different places. Since light has different effect on different materials, the explorations are based on different surface finishes, which render interesting effects. The interplay of different surfaces and their respective behaviour on different qualities of light are explored for entrance lobbies. Refraction of light through resin, with LED as the light source rendered interesting effects. Utilizing surfaces as effective modes of lighting through reflections was an outcome of my preliminary explorations with light, from which I derived my final concepts.
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