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'LEXI' - English Language Learning Tool

Guide: Prof. Ravi Poovaiah

This project aims to create an electronic augmented classroom environment for creating a tangible way to learn framing sentences. It is designed as an activity introduced by the teacher to the students to learn framing sentences correctly. It does not seek to replace a teacher and will fit in the current scenario of an English language class of 4th grade English Medium School. The children hold a LEXI and the teacher has a master LEXI. The teacher introduces the activity by sending various words taken from a course chapter to the LEXIs. By shaking a LEXI, the grammar form of the word can be changed and it can also be iterated to the next set of words. The children have to collaborate with each other to form the correct sentence. The project intends to create fun, collaborative activites to engage students to learn with each other.

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