Sumeet Kalindi
   M.Sc. (Electronics)
   Email: sumeet2us[at]
          Animation       Interaction Design     Industrial Design      Visual Communication  
  Project 1          Project 2           Project 3  
  Summer Internship at BANG Creative Solutions Studio, Sewri, Mumbai

Guides: Mr. Hari Sudhakaran
             Mr. Sandeep Shridhar

The internship at BANG Creative Solutions Studio gave me an exposure to the studio workflow for 3D productions. I learnt the basics of 3DS Max and did a photorealistic 3D rendering of an iPod shuffle as part of a product visualisation exercise. I developed a story for a short animated film about a small child and a praying mantis. I also got the opportunity to work on an animatic for a film meant for a commercial launch of a banking service.
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