Samidha Gunjal

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  'Mamacha Gaav'

Guide: Prof. Phani Tetali

As a child, I was pampered by my maternal uncle, my ‘Mama’. Though I don’t remember much, I recall my mother pacifying me saying, ‘Mama deva-ghari gelae’, that he went to God’s home, when he passed away during my childhood. I was too young to understand death but nevertheless, missed him. During summer holidays, my friends visited their nana-nani’s (maternal grandparents’) homes, i.e. their ‘mama cha gaav’, but I never did. The song, ‘zuku zuku agin-gadi, dhuran cha resha havet kadhi...’ always made me wonder ‘How would Mama’s home have looked like?’ I always visualized Mama’s home to be a place like Konkan. This inspired me to make a short animation film on my Mama’s hometown through glimpses of typical village life and significant incidents from my childhood. A collage of a small girl’s anticipation of spending summer vacations in her Mama’s home - a village in Konkan is presented as a musical montage of events. This short animation film is a dedication to my beloved Balu Mama, whom I will always miss.
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