Piyush Pimpalnerkar

   BFA (Applied Arts)
   Email: piyush.pencil[at]gmail.com
          Animation       Interaction Design     Industrial Design      Visual Communication  
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  A Boy and a Fish

Guide: Prof. Shilpa Ranade

This short animation film deals with the psychosis of loss. Different people react differently to tragic personal losses. Some make changes to their lives in order to deal with it which can be harmful; others hide within their shells, while few cannot simply overcome their grief. Such a tragedy can befall anyone anywhere, anytime, and hence I found the topic universal. I focussed on a child’s psychology of loss. Their world is somehow different form the world perceived by adults. Their innocence and expressiveness make them face such a situation in a different light. The story is inspired by the paintings of my nephew. I had gifted him a goldfish on his 3rd birthday. The fish died after a year. To cope from this loss the child made drawings on the wall to make the fish, his best friend to linger with him, which strongly inspired me to make and dedicate this film to him.
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