Naveen Kiran

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  'Thithya' – A Short Animation Film based on Himachali Folktales

Guide: Prof. Nina Sabnani

'Thithya', a short animation film literally meaning ‘fulfillment of sacred rituals’ is an attempt to visualize the folktales of Himachal Pradesh, which form an integral part of my childhood memories. I grew up listening to stories of ghosts, spirits and talking animals in my hometown Lahoul Spiti, a region in the upper reaches of Himachal Pradesh, where folklore forms the major source of entertainment during the severe winters. They consist of simple stories, but every element has a strong relation with the indigenous culture. These folk tales often deal with historical incidents, ghosts and magical creatures, Gods and Goddesses, fairytales, and mythology. For long, I strongly believed that these spirits existed in reality. This film is about a group of hunters who accidently disturb a ritual being performed by spirits. Now they have to complete the ritual to avoid the consequences. The aim of this project was to explore the possibilities of a new medium to add visual experience to the viewer.
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