Hemali Vadalia
   B.E. (Computer Science)
   Email: hemaliv.84[at]gmail.com
   Portfolio: www.coroflot.com/hemali
          Animation       Interaction Design     Industrial Design      Visual Communication  
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  The Enchanted Journey

Guide: Prof. Shilpa Ranade

The project deals with the experiences of a little girl and her vivid imagination. In her mind’s eye she perceives objects beyond just their physical forms. She embarks on an adventure holding onto a balloon where she encounters characters that resemble the people that belong to her real world. She reaches a magical island which has enchanted flowers and square shaped leaves. When she remembers her mother, she flies on a leaf plane crafted by her, and slides down a rainbow back home. For this film the medium of stop motion animation and paper cut-outs has been used.
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