Anindya Kundu

   B.Tech (Computer Science)
   Email: anindya.kundu1985[at]
          Animation       Interaction Design     Industrial Design      Visual Communication  
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  'Threshold' - a Short Animation Film Project

Guide: Prof. Phani Tetali

This project aims to capture the essence of being in a state of transition in life. Threshold is the turning point; it is the passage to the next level. Although often accompanied with difficulties and pain, it brings a profound transformation in our lives. The story deals with a young man who works as a trainee in a cosmopolitan city. For him, the change from a nurturing home to the harshness of the real world is just too abrupt. He survives, but loses his self-esteem. He finds solace in looking back into his past. He finally comes to terms with the situation when he realizes that the only way to overcome loss is by sharing joy with others. The story takes inspiration from some of my personal experiences during my internship. The medium used for this film is traditional hand drawn animation with limited use of cut outs.
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