Vinish Janardhanan

B.E. (Mech)

C-204 N.G.Complex, Military Road, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai 400072
Product Innovation, User interaction design, Game Design, Automobile Design, Graphic design, Music
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Redesign of Electric Forklift
Guide :
Prof. K Ramachandran, Prof. Nachiketa Sadhu

The project involves redesigning of an electric forklift to improve the operator experience. The overall performance of a forklift does not depend only on the performance of the vehicle alone but also the efficiency of the operator.

The project features a new design of the controls and its layout of the forklift for a faster and more effective response. Multiple seating positions according the operations being performed provides him a better visibility. The forklift also considers the overall usability, comfort and safety of the operator.