Vallabh Prasad Munshi
  B. Arch (I.D.)
7 Rachana apts, 191 Shivaji Nagar,Cement road, Nagpur: 440010
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Signage and Wayfinding, Typography, Graphic Design, New media design, Travel Photography, Architecture and Interior design.
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Signage and Wayfinding design
For MSRTC bus stands
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Prof. G.V. Sreekumar

The current signage system at MSRTC lacks functional foresight. The frequent changes that take place should be anticipated in advance because they are natural, especially in an increasing population like ours which has increasing demands every day.

The objective of the project is to work out a system or a formula which could be applied to the MSRTC transport system to solve the signage and wayfinding problems. A system level design would also ensure the regularisation of the signage and wayfinding solutions throughout bus stands in Maharashtra.