Vallabh Prasad Munshi
  B. Arch (I.D.)
7 Rachana apts, 191 Shivaji Nagar,Cement road, Nagpur: 440010
+91 99700 57608
Signage and Wayfinding, Typography, Graphic Design, New media design, Travel Photography, Architecture and Interior design.
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Sustainable Ideas from India
Guide :
Prof. Ravi Poovaiah
An information pool and an online forum to discuss sustainable products and ideas. People loosely know about environmental problems, they are also aware of man-made conditions like global warming, climate change etc., but they seem to be doing little and they often choose convenience over environment. Sustainable options should be out in the open and alternatives should be made available.The project addresses the needs to resurface sustainable Indian thoughts and to evaluate products and ideas with respect to sustainability. The forum shall remain active due to continuous contributions and shall encourage people to network, advice each other and work in collaboration.