Suhrid Kiran Palsule

B.E. (Mechanical)

Suhseel Apartments, Shukrawar Peth, Pune - 411 002
+97699 04357
Product Innovation, Concept Development, Product Interaction & Usability, Sustainaible Living, System Level Design, Mixed-Media products.
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School Sanitation Redesign
Guide :
Prof. K. Munshi

Health and sanitation are often the most neglected parts of the school infrastructure in our country. The project aimed at improving the state of sanitation facilities in Indian schools. A detailed study of the situation brought to light a complex, multi-layered problem (design, administrative and product interaction issues).
The Urinal- was found to have a number of issues regarding its usage and suitability in schools.
The new urinal is strong, light-weight, ergonomic and functionally designed, and is packaged well in child-friendly colors. It also houses a sensor flush which is installed inside the casing.