Somnath Pal

B.Tech Electical Engineering

592 JH/ 491, Rathindra Nagar,
Telibagh, Lucknow 226002
Story narration in all possible media, Character design,
Painting, Concept art.
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Guide :
Prof. Phani Tetali
The film indulges in the childhood notions of comic book characters and tries to understand the dilemma of one such superhero who has to jump from one comic book to the other to save the world.

The film identifies the superhero as an alternate being struggling to reach a specific comic book page before the child who is reading it- the page where the villain destroys the world.

In addition, the film makes subtle allusions to the various pop culture influences an individual goes through. Through the process, it tries to identify our idols and heroes at various stages in life.