Shruti Deepak Joshi

G.D. Communication Design

S14, Lane 2, Sector-9, C.B.D. Belapur, Navi Mumbai- 400614
Publication Design, Typography,
Art Direction, Corporate Branding, Photography, Way finding and
Signage Design and
Environmental Graphics.
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Event Map of World War I
Guide :
Prof. G V Sreekumar
The project aimed at translating a ten page text to a visual map, to give a glimpse of the World War I. After the study of the event, the map was worked out on two levels, the overall war metaphor and the interal structuring i.e. the causes, the groups formed and the aftermath.
The visualization comprised of charts, diagrams, icons, graphs, timelines and images of the actual war. This kind of a narrative gives a better understanding and memorability of the event. Atlases, encyclopedias and history text books are the best places to home the map.