Shruti Deepak Joshi

G.D. Communication Design

S14, Lane 2, Sector-9, C.B.D. Belapur, Navi Mumbai- 400614
Publication Design, Typography,
Art Direction, Corporate Branding, Photography, Way finding and
Signage Design and
Environmental Graphics.
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Visual Toy Box - Study of Moire Patterns
Guide :
Prof. Shilpa Ranade
The project started with collecting visually stimulating toys & objects, and on its way to the study of illusions lead on to the discovery of Moire patterns. Moire pattern allows controlled animations.
Through various overlapping techniques, several explorations were made which then lead to the thought of fusing these techniques to the toys available in the market.
A few toy concepts where sketched out as a part of the project which would be visually stimulating or the animations would help spread a message amongst the children.