Sheetal Vishwas Barge

G.D.Art (Comm.)

1212, Anandi vikas, Lane No. 4, Subhashnagar, Sukrawar Peth, Pune,: 411 030
Communication design, Concept developing for Motion Graphics, Animation. Character Design, Illustration and Sketching and
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An animation film ‘Navchakra'
Guide :
Prof. Nina Sabnani

Exploration in story telling using Mythology to address contemporary issues.The project seeks to create an
awareness regarding contemporary environmental issues through
mythology using animation as a toll to communicate.

Although, our earth has been
balancing its environment for so many years. Now, this cyclic process of balancing is facing numerous
problems. These problems are slowly affecting the whole planet and
ultimately, us. Hence there is dire need to communicate this message such that it finds it’s way to all.