Shaswath Vaidyanathan

B.Tech (Mech)

No. 2, Sivanthipatti road, Maharaja Nagar, Tirunelveli - 627011
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Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Ubiquitous Computing, Design Research, Usability, HCI, Information Visualization, Communication Design.
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The First Fifteen minutes on the Learning Tracker
Guide :
Pavitra Vikram

Summer Project at Valued Epistemics. The project was to understand and improve the first time user’s
experience on the company’s online software named the Learning Tracker. It housed online GRE packages for different target users for them to study GRE anywhere and anytime.

Apart from the revamping the existing Learning Tracker’s interface, other explorations included the design of the company’s website, advertising their products, and usability feedbacks for their mobile based applications.