Shalini Tripathi

Readganj, swamikunj, devkali road,
Faizabad-224001, U.P. India
Physical prototyping,
Robotics, Ubiquitous computing,
Interaction Design for Rural India,
User Experience design,
Design Research, User Studies,
Information Graphics

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Playful Device for Elderly to help them to Exercise
Guide :
Prof. Ravi Poovaiah
Co-Guide: Prof. Phani Tetali

The project is an interactive playful device for elderly, which invisibly help them to exercise. The mechanism involved in interacting with the device incorporates different form of body movement, which exercises their body parts. The user is not burdened with the exercise element of the device, for him/her it is just a playful/useful device. The body movement and entertainment elements are mapped on the daily life & activities of elderly. The device is singly/collaborative operable. The purpose is to make elderly experience excitement and fun and at the same time making them exercise.