Sakshi Gambhir

B.Des. (Fashion Comm.)

19, Mangalarambh Apartments,
1/1 Kabir Marg, Lucknow 226001
+91 9930153095
Pottery, Photography,
Travel, Writing.
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Exploring Alternatives in
Guide :
Prof. Raja Mohanty

People across the globe are bothered
about the future of the planet, a future that none of us have any answers to. With a hope that the generations to come will save the world, alternate, non-traditional and holistic models of education have to be explored. That is what sketches the outline of this project. Goals for the project were to attempt an understanding of how children behave in a given environment, to observe their responses to materials and learning through art, to document the education model followed in Deepanam School, Auroville, in the form of a book and to explore book design.