Sakshi Gambhir

B.Des. (Fashion Comm.)

19, Mangalarambh Apartments,
1/1 Kabir Marg, Lucknow 226001
+91 9930153095
Pottery, Photography,
Travel, Writing.
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Conversations with Clay
Guide :
Prof. Raja Mohanty

I love clay. In it I feel seeds of growth that I can nurture with my hands. Pots are like babies and pottery a bliss. Every pot is a projection of myself. It has a language that is beyond the grammar of written words. It is like the clay commanding my fingers to move in a certain rhythm and create the form.
Goals for the project were to demonstrate the ability to create a set of identical pots to the extent to which the ease of production pottery has been internalized, to evolve my own aesthetics of form and glazing, to develop a clarity with regards to repositioning of a craft, to explore pot-making and to follow the bliss.