Aaroha DDS 2010
Radhika Gujar

B.F.A (Applied Art))

99/4 Erandawane, Prabhat Road, 1, Aishwarya Apartment, Pune 411004.

Communication design, Photography, Branding, Toy and Game Design, Childrens Illustration, Publication Design
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Student project
Exploring New & Innovative Ideas & Tech. in Macro photography
Guide :
Prof. Sudesh Balan
My aim in this project was learn and explore the different facets of macro photography.

During this project I have learnt various techniques such as reverse lens technique, use of macro filters, and many more other techniques.

I have combined macro photography and timelapse photography to create a video called as ‘Macro Movements’ which depicts motion in small objects which we may have never seen before happening around us. Also an exhibition of my progress was also displayed along with the design of a book called ‘The unseen world’.