Aaroha DDS 2010
Radhika Gujar

B.F.A (Applied Art)

99/4 Erandawane, Prabhat Road, 1, Aishwarya Apartment, Pune 411004.

Communication design, Photography, Branding, Toy and Game Design, Childrens Illustration, Publication Design.
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Student project
Exploration In Tangible Storytelling
Guide :
Prof. Nina Sabnani
In this project my aim is to design a tangible assistive device for children to learn the art of storytelling and expand their imagination. They can understand and create new stories with the given objects.
These tangible objects will trigger the imaginative power of children and expand their thought. This design may trigger role play, increase inter child interaction, develop confidence.

All the objects (cloth toys) in this kit either have a magentic sheet on them or magnets in them. The bacgrounds the trees, the sun, clouds, birds, tortoise etc are all detachable.