Mandar N. Sarnaik
B.E. Mechanical

B-18, Laxmi Housing So.,
Gorakshan Road, Akola - 444004.
Design Research, HCI,
Game Design, Usability Evaluation,
Information Design.

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Multiplayer Interactive Game
on a Multi-touch Surface
Guide :
Prof. U. A. Athavankar

This game is a multiplayer computer game to be played on a multi-touch surface. The game shall incorporate the feel of a board game and facilitate player-player and player-spectator interactions. The computing power and interactivity of computer games are employed to provide engagement and fun. The novelty of multi-touch and a natural way of interacting with the game is attractive for players. The game aims at improving hand-eye co-ordination, reflexes and boosts quick decision making. The game can find place in public places like malls, resorts, clubs, schools, etc. Concepts converting this into educational/ learning games have been ideated too.