Mandar N. Sarnaik

B.E. Mechanical

B-18, Laxmi Housing So.,
Gorakshan Road, Akola - 444004.
Design Research, HCI,
Game Design, Usability Evaluation,
Information Design.

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‘Learning To Sing‘
Guide :
Prof. Ravi Poovaiah

This project aims at supporting the process of learning to sing (Hindustani Classical) in cases where the students do not get to spend more time with the Guru.By processing one’s singing, feedback can be given on the pitch, timing and energy of singing.
Design challenges like acceptance and application of such an idea in the lives of the Guru and students, an interface, ways to give feedback, have been attempted.
Through a combined effect of audio, text notations and real-time data visualisation, a user now can understand the nuances of his singing which when juxtaposed against a reference, help a great deal in correction by comparison.