Maitreyee Sanjay Nilawar

B.F.A. (Applied Art)

‘Punyashlok’, Plot No. V-82, Vijayanda Society, Narendra Nagar, Nagpur - 440015
Visual Design, Graphic Design, Digital Illustration, Editorial Illustration, Publication Design, Textile Design and Packaging Design.
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Reflections of Nature in Imagery
Guide :
Prof. Raja Mohanty
The Project began with a study of my earlier works that included textile motifs using forms from nature. The motive behind taking this project was to broaden my point of view to see the nature around and then incorporate that in images and paintings. So while observing the beauty of nature I gave special attention to the nuances of it and try to put it on the paper in that format. While doing the paintings I tried playing with new colour combination, new texture, surfaces like paper, canvas, wall etc and forms and tried breaking my own pattern of expressing such visuals. The project was also taken to develop a confidence of creating images on larger surfaces.