Kunal Parida


C/O Mr. R. C. Parida, DRCS office, Sundargarh, Orissa.
+91 9819528822

Character Design, Sculpture, Concept art, Story Boarding
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In the Land of Ashoka
Guide :
Prof. Nina Sabnani
Remorse felt by a terrorist has no value in the minds of people who have suffered the wrath. The turning point of the of the film is when the terrorist is shot by the girl whom he spared because her face and attitude reminded him of his dead sister who had met the same fate. The girl in sheer anger picks up the same gun and shoots him as he turns away. The complete scene creates a situation where we, as common people learn that terrorism never ends until somebody doesn’t retaliate. The film points out to the fact that anger and revenge are the main attribute whichs create a terrorist in a normal person’s mind.