Kimya Gandhi

B.Des Fashion Communication

D-11, Badridham C.H.S, Sant Janabai Road, Vile Parle (East), Mumbai- 400057
Type Design, Typography, Print and Publication Design, Design and Ethnographic Research, Illustration.
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Chor Bazaar- we recycle the past
Guide :
Prof. Nina Sabnani
Visual ethnography essentially means the visual documentation and study of people or cultures in their respective surroundings. The special project titled ‘Chor Bazaar- we recycle the past’ is a study of one of the most interesting markets in Mumbai. The study led to the understanding that products are never isolated from people. Be it the doll whose hair you braided all day, the greeting card your first crush gave, the earrings that you did not like but your dad got them from his work trip, the tie you bought your dad from your first salary, and so many more, all symbolize frozen memories.