Kulkarni Aditi Subram

BFA (Applied Art)

28A / 33, Takshila, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (East) Mumbai 400 093
Culture studies, design research, socio-cultural anthropology, illustration, information and communication theory, rural India, development sector, dance, podcasting, voice-overs, films, travel, photo-inks.
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Getting People To Interact
An intervention designed to aid open and free environment at IDC

Guide :

           Prof. Raja Mohanty

Suicide attempts and drug abuse by students to escape “pressures” of a very competitive academic system got me wondering what pushes youth over the edge. And whether opening up around peers, teachers & parents could help in such situations?

An open environment and free dialogue are a rarity even in the best of educational institutions. Is IDC any different? I conducted an audit followed by a modest intervention (podcasts, newsletter and beginnings of activating dead spaces at IDC) designed to aid an open and free environment at IDC.