Kulkarni Aditi Subram

BFA (Applied Art)

28A / 33, Takshila, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (East) Mumbai 400 093
Culture studies, design research, socio-cultural anthropology, illustration, information and communication theory, rural India, development sector, dance, podcasting, voice-overs, films, travel, photo-inks.
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Folk Culture of Maharashtra- East Indians of Vasai
Guide :
Prof. Shilpa Ranade

This research project looks at the Samvedi Christians and other communities in Vasai Taluka, Thane District.

Ruled by several kingdoms in the past, Vasai enjoys a hybrid folklore- a culture mosaic of languages, music, food, rituals and costume.

Today white collared jobs and new found prosperity has weaned Vasai's youth off it’s traditions and the rich culture of Vasai stands at crossroads. This is an account of my journeys to Vasai villages attempting to understand “folklore” and it’s context by living with the East Indian community.