Vaibhav Bakshi

B. Arch.

E-3521, E Block, Rajaji Puram, Lucknow: 226 017
+9930 47 2030
Product Innovation, Game & Toy Design, Furniture Design, Jewellery Design, Need based Design, Cost effective Design
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Redesign of L.E.D. based Solar Street Lights
Internship Project at Auroville Renewable Energy (AuroRE)
The Internship project included redesign of Solar Streetlights for installation in Auroville as well as in various industrial and educational campuses.
The project required an elegant form for the Streetlight for the campus environments, reduction in length of units for small packaging for convenient transportation and ease of maintenance.
The proposal is a combination of modular units, which fit into each other for smaller packaging. It also provides space for advertising panels and easier access to the top for maintenance.