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B. Arch.

E-3521, E Block, Rajaji Puram, Lucknow: 226 017
+9930 47 2030
Product Innovation, Game & Toy Design, Furniture Design, Jewellery Design, Need based Design, Cost effective Design
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Design of Accessories for a
Theme Based Restaurant
Guide :
Prof. Purba Joshi
The aim of the project was to design Tableware for a Theme Restaurant based on the theme ‘Interactive’.
The accessories designed included Plates, Bowls, Glasses, Spoons, Pitcher and Salt-dispenser, for Indian theme restaurants. The character was achieved by adding playfulness to the interaction with objects.
Metaphorical inspirations were used for ideations, to generate interesting interactions in each accessory. They were then shortlisted on the basis of degree of playfulness and feasibility. These concepts were then detailed and prototyped.
They can be further extended for the entire range of accessories.