Shilpa Bisht

B.Plan., SPA, New Delhi

A/5, 603, Kunal Icon,
Aundh Camp, Pune 411027.
+91 9004237339, 020 27201231
Socio-cultural and development
communication, Illustration,
Filmmaking, Ceramics
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Bambooness of Bamboo : A Book on Impressions of Bamboo
Guide :
Prof. Kirti Trivedi
The project is an attempt towards understanding the uniqueness of bamboo, obtaining insights and
translating these observations into visuals, which will act as a core in communicating the essence of bamboo to all those who wish to know. I decided to explore bamboo, to play with it, cut it, strip it, weave it, paint it, to unravel its ‘ness’.
The book is an outcome of these experiments. It is aptly titled as
‘Impressions‘, for that is all I have…
I have not made complex objects out of bamboo; I have taken it’s
impressions to create visuals.